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Anonymous asked: #nsfw this is prob really weird forgive me but i had a dream we were having sex ok and so we were doing things and then you whipped out your dick and there was a flower bud on the tip of your dick and i was like "oh" and you only got pleasure from me touching the flower bud and when you came the flower bloomed and i woke up laughing and yeah have a nice night lmao

lmao, that is kinda weird but really flattering too! I guess! =D Thanks for sharing Anon

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how much do islands cost i want one

Less than a college education


what the fuck

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Public Service Announcement from Megan Fox promoting Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Fuck yeah. Best PSA ever seen.

That… did not end the way I expected it to.

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how to be an adult

im sad this was so short because he was about to go so hard

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even the cop gets in trouble
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even the cop gets in trouble

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please look at this picture of michelle obama and sportacus


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Black Friday-The Collapse of the American Shopping Mall | Seph Lawless | Via

When they were built in the 1970s these two gleaming Ohio malls were symbols of the boom years in the U.S., and their wide walkways were filled with shoppers. 

Now the verdant foliage that decorated them has died off and the fountains inside are dry as store after store deserted the out-of-town malls. 

The demise of the Rolling Acres and and Randall Park Mall have been documented by photographer Seph Lawless, who remembers visiting them when he was a child and even had his first job at one of the them.

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Cool little kickstarter that doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of attention;

Grave, “an open-world, surrealist survival horror experience where light is your only weapon in a constantly changing reality.” As it’s described, Grave is a survival horror made with the goal to allow players to explore the world in the way that best suits their own tastes. They have described the elements populating the world as having “multiple ways to interact with them” to allow bold adventurers to run off into the night and face the creatures face to face, and cautious survivalists to hole up in bunkers at night to wait out the monster onslaught. The developers describe their world as Dali-inspired, and explain that it physically transforms overnight to make every day a unique experience. Your character is never equipped with a gun or melee weapon, instead having to rely on flashlights, matches, gasoline, and firecrackers to combat the light and sound-sensitive monsters populating the world. Ripples in the landscape create misplaced patches of city, forest, oasis, or spawn strange artifacts. The story is described as procedural, leaving the player to explore the world to gather clues to what exactly is going on while they forage for supplies to survive.

They’re only about 1/6th of the way to full funding with 19 days left to go, a pledge as low as $10 can get you a copy of the game’s story mode, it could be worth checking out if you like horror games.

To all of my followers that are fans of horror games!
This looks cool - and it’s mac/linux/windows to boot.
You can get a digital version of the game for $10 still, so hop on it.

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